All applicants must be students at UMSL
I am hereby applying for any of the following scholarships for which I am eligible.
Accenture Alumni Scholarship
ASM Gateway Chapter Scholarship
Alumni Scholarship

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If all courses were not completed at UMSL, state other colleges or universities, number of hours or degree earned, and GPA earned at those institutions. Also, specifically state any Information Systems courses taken, the approximate date taken and the grade received in each one. 


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Discuss the status of your financial need. This discussion should include any financial aid you expect to receive in subsequent semesters (including scholarships, fee-waivers and loans), and any unique financial needs you have. 

Discuss your interest in a career in IS. 

Discuss your career goals.

What evidence can you provide of a sincere interest in the profession?


If wish to be considered for the Accenture Alumni Scholarship, please discuss your interest in a consulting career.


Names of the two people whom you have asked to be references for you. At least one of the names should be an UMSL School of Business faculty member familiar with your work. It is preferably to have an Information Systems faculty member, if possible. (required)

It is your responsibility to ask these individuals to complete the appropriate forms and return them to Dr. Sauter by May 10, 2013.

Before submitting your application, please note that by doing so, you are certifying that:

  • All the information you provided is true
  • You will be a student at UMSL for at least one subsequent semester
  • Your major will not change  
Failure to enroll at UMSL in subsequent semesters
and/or changing your major 
can invalidate your application and thus any scholarships awarded.


All applications are due by May 10, 2017 at midnight CDT.